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Dear guests!

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At last, we are pleased to announce you that our exchange system of electronic currencies based on the up-to-date software and willing to provide you with the most awesome functions, you might need for convenient and safest converting any type of electronic currency you possess. Note that our team already gained a reputation as a trusted partner and is well known worldwide. For now, we are willing to do our best for you as well as for your wallet to provide the next-level experience and positive emotions.

Latest news

Court extends GRAM cryptocurrency ban

Judge Kevin Castel extended the token ban, but did not specify the final date. Now we only know that the next hearing will be held on April 30, 2020. However, there are some positive developments. So Telegram was able to prove that the network is decentralized. Consequently, its creators cannot influence its work. The main difficulty of the pro...

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What is happening with bitcoin?

While paid agitators talk about the upcoming BTC growth to 100 thousand dollars, and the creators of TRON, Litecoin and other projects are meeting with Warren Buffet, Bitcoin is getting cheaper. All who follow the market remember how the world watched the rise. When the coin reached the mark of 10 thousand dollars, some investors who believed b...

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Do not ban, but regulate. Cryptocurrency Control Plan

The American Tax Administration (IRS) for the first time in over five years has decided to updаte the rules for cryptocurrencies. To put all the points on this issue, a meeting with the largest cryptocurrency startups will be held on March 3 in Washington. During the event, tax officials want to discuss both the blockchain technology itself and ...

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