Внимательно сверяйте платежные реквизиты! При ошибке в оплате – возврат средств не осуществляется!

Обратите внимание: Время выплаты по некоторым направлениям обмена (выплата на на карты банков через cash-in, электронные кошельки – Qiwi, Яндекс.Деньги) может быть увеличено, подробности уточняйте в чате оператора

from 09 a.m. till 21 p.m. without days off

For safe and convenient exchange of cryptocurrency and electronic money on the site 1-online, there is a large selection of directions. The service offers profitable to buy ex-code for rubles using the Alfa cash-in direction.
It is possible to buy ex-code for rubles profitably and easily, for this purpose it is necessary to send cash through the nearest ATM of Alfa Bank.
After confirming the payment, ex-code will go to your e-mail.
In order to buy ex-code for rubles using the Alfa cash-in direction, read the terms of the contract for the provision of exchange services.

ATTENTION: We accept only cash payment through the ATM of Alfa Bank. In the case of a Deposit by Bank transfer, we cannot guarantee the execution of the request.

This operation is performed manually and takes from 5 to 30 minutes.

To create a request:
– fill in the exchange amount field (note the minimum and maximum limits).
— the amount of "give" must be a multiple of 100.
– click " exchange"
– Getting details for payment of the order is made in Jivo chat with the operator

Exchange rate: 1.54 RUB = 1.00 RUB

min.: 24000 RUB, max.: 300000 RUB

min.: 24000 RUB

max.: 1993.21 RUB


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