Внимательно сверяйте платежные реквизиты! При ошибке в оплате - возврат средств не осуществляется!
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This operation is performed by the operator in semi-automatic mode and takes from 30 minutes to 3 hours. (from 09:00 to 20:45 Moscow time).
Recharge details are made in cash through the terminal.

To create an application :
– fill in the exchange amount field (note the minimum and maximum limits)
– the amount of “I give” must be a multiple of 100.
– click “exchange”

If the amount received over 120 000 rubles “Contract Number” is required!
For amounts below 120,000 rubles, specifying the contract number can significantly speed up replenishment.
If there is no contract number, enter ten zeros in the “Contract number” field.
The contract number is specified in the personal office of the bank, as it can be specified in the Tinkoff support service


min.: 300 USD, max.: 4500 USD

min.: 300 USD
max.: 10912744 RUB

Enter the bank card number

Введите номер договора из личного кабинета

Personal data

Fully specify the full name of the bank details holder.

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Обмен Exmo.com USD на Tinkoff bank RUB

Read the terms of the contract for the provision of exchange services and, if you accept them, put a tick in the appropriate field. Click the button “Create an order”.

The commission is fixed in the order.