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If you came to our site – then the topic of cryptocurrencies is relevant for you. Our online exchanger offers cryptocurrency withdrawals, including litecoin withdrawals. To exchange a lightcoin for dollars at the best rate, just create an application on this page and write its number in the operator’s chat.
At least once wondered how to display cryptocurrency? The answer is simple – 1-online cryptocurrency exchange. The rate of lightcoin to the dollar can be calculated on this page.

Here you can also read the terms of the exchange for LTC to Payeer USD
If you are interested in withdrawing to other electronic currencies, we are waiting for you in the operator’s chat.

Exchange Information:
-This operation is performed in semi-automatic mode and takes 5 to 30 minutes from the moment you receive payment from you.
– The application is submitted for execution after full crediting of LTC to our account.
– Carefully indicate the wallet number in the format "P ******" without spaces.
– With a strong jump in the course, with a long wait for network confirmations, with not timely payment – the application may
be recalculated at the rate at the time of receipt of the required number of network confirmations.

To create an application:
– fill in the exchange amount field (pay attention to the minimum and maximum restrictions)
– Carefully indicate the Payeer wallet number in the format "P ******" without spaces.
– click "exchange"
– after performing these steps, the system will transfer you to the "Application Status" page, where its current status will be indicated.

Exchange rate: 1.00 LTC = 180.95 USD

min.: 2.3 LTC, max.: 88 LTC

min.: 2.3 LTC

max.: 0.12 USD

max.: 0.12 USD
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