Внимательно сверяйте платежные реквизиты! При ошибке в оплате – возврат средств не осуществляется!

from 09 a.m. till 21 p.m. without days off

If you are interested in exchanging pm or other electronic currencies – you have chosen the right online exchanger. We offer Payeer withdrawal to other electronic currencies, wallets and exchanges, including EXMO. To buy EXMO code for pen dollars in 1-online, simply create an application, for payment you will be automatically redirected to your Payeer wallet for payment. Exchange of peers in this case will take no more than 30 minutes.

This page contains the exchange direction Payeer (USD) to Exmo.com USD.
Here you can familiarize yourself with the details and the exchange rate and create an application.

Exchange Information:
– This operation is performed in semi-automatic mode and takes from 5 to 15 minutes

To create an application:
– fill in the field of the amount of exchange (pay attention to the minimum and maximum restrictions)
– In the "address" field, specify the mail for payment.
– click "exchange"
– After performing these steps, the system will transfer you to the payment page.

If you are interested in which exchanges other than EXMO you can get paid – write to the operator’s chat

Exchange rate: 1.0730765103551883249275673355 USD = 1 USD

min.: 200 USD, max.: 5000 USD

min.: 200 USD

max.: 17407.91 USD


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