Внимательно сверяйте платежные реквизиты! При ошибке в оплате – возврат средств не осуществляется!

from 09 a.m. till 21 p.m. without days off

If you need to buy Ripple, but you have not yet decided on a payment method, consider such an option as a withdrawal from Qiwi. A huge advantage of this exchange is the instant transfer of Qiwi rubles to our account. To exchange ripples for rubles by paying XRP with a qiwi wallet – one of the fastest exchanges in our online exchanger, it usually takes up to 30 minutes.

On this page you can calculate the XRP rate to the ruble, and create an application for an exchange in the direction: Qiwi rubles – Ripple
If you are asked to purchase another cryptocurrency, please contact the operator’s chat.

Exchange Information:
-Exchange in this direction is made by the operator and takes from 5 to 30 minutes.
– We accept payment from Qiwi to wallets (by phone / card number).
– Details for payment are issued individually for each application and are valid for 30 minutes (unless otherwise agreed with the operator),
for funds transferred after this time, our service is not responsible.
– Please do not indicate a comment on the translation (leave this field blank).
– Our service is not responsible for customer wallets and funds for them.
– To get the details for payment, contact the chat to the operator.
– Turning to the exchange, you automatically agree to our exchange rules.
– The application must be paid within 30 minutes. Otherwise, your application will be automatically deleted.

To create an application:
– fill in the exchange amount field (pay attention to the minimum and maximum restrictions).
– click "exchange"
-After performing these steps, the system will transfer you to the "Application Status" page, where its current status will be indicated.
– When creating an application, do not forget to indicate not only the XRP wallet, but also the TAG, otherwise the transaction will be lost

Exchange rate: 14.44 RUB = 1.00 XRP

min.: 30000 RUB, max.: 250000 RUB

min.: 30000 RUB

max.: 1240315.2432712 XRP


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