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блокчейн-центр в китаеYunnan’s southwestern Chinese province has opened a new blockchain center that will allow companies to launch a food tracking platform that aims to combat the sale of counterfeit products. In turn, Beijing hopes to create another national access point for this technology. The new center was officially opened on Sunday March 15, according to the Xinhua State News Agency.
A number of events will be carried out from the new center, including the organization of a new blockchain – a platform for tracking food and consumer goods. This is the first of its kind provincial platform in the country.
The new center is located in the Wuhua Technology Industrial Park in Kunming, the provincial capital and largest city in the relatively remote and less developed Yunnan province. This is an area where there are no high-tech enterprises.
According to experts, such a mechanism will help promote the implementation of the blockchain in Yunnan and create a new national hub for this technology. In total, 24 companies have already moved to the new center, including the e-commerce giant Alibaba, the blockchain firm Hyperchain and the blockchain service (BaaS) provider Uni-Ledger.
In the same province, the so-called “Peacock Code” appeared – a network of companies and suppliers that will participate in the tracking and procurement of locally produced goods. Yunnan is one of the country’s largest agricultural producers, including tobacco, tea, sugar and coffee. Are you curious why the “Peacock Code”? Everything is very simple here – the peacock is considered sacred to ethnic minority communities in the province.
By the way, earlier – in July 2019, another significant event took place in the same province: the first invoice based on blockchain technology was released as part of the forum. According to the forum organizing committee, such a mechanism allows saving on traditional methods of printing documents.