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Crypto-hacking is a new attack method that involves using the computing power of a computer to mine cryptocurrencies without the consent of its owner. The most common victims of this procedure are people who have installed suspicious software or a browser add-on on their machine. According to a study by Josh Grüntsweig, up to 5% of all the processing power in the Monero network is illegal activity, which may mean that up to $ 175 million was raised in this way. It is worth adding that the analyzes of Josh Grunzweig, among other things, did not inсlude background scripts (for example, Coin-Hive), which are often installed by the website owners themselves, often without notifying visitors. Because of how Monero is built, it is the underworld’s favorite cryptocurrency. At the moment, he offers the best solutions that help hide the owners and remnants of XMR wallets, and thus, it is almost impossible to associate a user with a wallet.