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Atari, the American developer and publisher of computer games, has released its own token for pre-sale. The sales period will last from March 15 to May 15, and the coin itself will find application in already released and in new multiplayer games. A total of 5 rounds for public participation are planned; The release of cryptocurrency on the market and its listing on large exchanges will begin on August 1.
The main purpose of the Atari token is to use for decentralized exchange of cryptocurrencies and trading at game auctions and markets – players will be able to buy and sell collectibles or other content for digital currency. The corporation also intends to launch the Atari Casino gambling space, where participants can take part in lotteries and sweepstakes, as well as use the token in the casino. The catalog of gambling games that are available to users includes an expanded range of entertainment – in order to win, players need to use their skills and also rely on luck.
Atari will also provide the ability to convert tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition to the casino, the corporation will arrange lotteries with prize pools in both fiat and virtual currencies. Decentralized trading is not the only area of ​​use for Atari coins. It can also be used to exchange cryptocurrencies and other assets at any convenient time. During the pre-sale period, the token is available for purchase in a different way – participants in the rounds can buy the necessary amount for cryptocurrency, for example, for BTC, ETH, LTC and other popular coins. In this case, you can use credit cards and bank transfers if the user wants to make a purchase through fiat.
Those who participated in the pre-sale will be able to get Atari coins after launching this cryptocurrency on the global market. To do this, they will be provided with special vouchers that can be used in August. The developers also worried about the storage of the currency that is being prepared for release – its owners will be able to keep the purchased coins in the cryptocurrency exchange wallet created by Atari specifically for this purpose. At the moment, the working version of the storage is tested on the Android platform, and after a successful beta test, Atari plans not only to transfer it to other operating systems. In addition, the wallet will support integration not only with BTC coins, but also with another cryptocurrency.
Today, game tokens are one of the most common areas in the field of electronic currency. Gala Network, Enjin, and others also announced the release of their own coins to ensure decentralized trading in video games.