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Looking for the best books about bitcoins and cryptocurrencies? In addition to making money by investing in the cryptocurrency market, immersing yourself in a digital money universe can be a rewarding experience.


After all, cryptocurrencies are located at the intersection of economics and technology. For this reason, they have numerous social, political, and even philosophical consequences. Each cryptocurrency expert has the following questions:


What is money? How do you get your legitimacy and value in a cryptocurrency environment? Can intermediaries be excluded from transactions? What will be the consequences? What are the uses of blockchain technology? How will blockchain develop in the future? How to safely invest in cryptocurrencies?


To answer these and other questions, there is a huge variety of books reflecting the huge heterogeneity of the crypto world. There are books about bitcoins, blockchains and other cryptocurrencies written by programmers, journalists, economists, sociologists and enthusiasts.


Below you will find the best books about bitcoins and cryptocurrencies:


“Internet of money” Andreas Antonopolus


The Internet of money – in its original English name – is by far one of the most important books in the modern digital economy. Antonopolus is one of those who early developed Bitcoin, and one of those who are responsible for popularizing cryptocurrencies among non-specialists.

The book presents an interesting analysis of the history of money – its origin, how it acquired legitimacy, and their use throughout history, showing how cryptocurrencies are a completely innovative event compared to analog money.


In addition, the Antanopolian book explains the basic concepts such as blockchain, peering, etc. With great success, the author published volumes II and III of the same book. Volume I “The Internet of Money” is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


Bitcoin Mastering Andreas Antonopolus


Another classic book about bitcoins by the same author. The Bitcoin Mastering book has become a worldwide hit, focusing exclusively on the largest of all cryptocurrencies. Simple but deep, the author Antonopoulos explains the basic concepts associated with the coin of Satoshi Nakamoto.


This is an opportunity for those who want to understand the main jargon of the Bitcoin community. Antonopoulos clearly explains the concepts of mining, Proof of Work (PoW), validators, halving, and so on. In addition, he talks about betting on Bitcoin as an alternative to paper currencies.


This is a necessary job for both beginners and experienced users of cryptocurrencies. Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


“Inventing Bitcoins” Jan Pritzker


Let’s Invent Bitcoin is another great option for those who want to learn bitcoin concepts from scratch.

Without the need for any computer knowledge, Pritzker’s book reviews the basic ideas of cryptocurrency architecture and explains why BTC is an innovative, secure, and potentially destructive token.


The author knows the history of BTC well from its creation in 2009 to the present, and his book is a great way to learn more about coin development. Work is available in English and Spanish.


Bitcoin Pattern Seyfed Ammus


Seifed Ammus is an economist specializing in crypto assets. In the Bitcoin standard, the author participates in relevant socio-economic debates: how bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general can offer an alternative to modern global economic architecture.


The author, who identifies himself with the Austrian school of economic thought, defends the potential of cryptography in order to avoid distortions in the world market, such as bubbles, tariff wars, etc. According to him, a universal currency based on the algorithm will become the starting point for more stability in the world the economy.

The book is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


Blockchain Basics Bettina Warburg, Tom Serres, Bill Wagner


The goal of the Blockchain Fundamentals book is to provide a complete overview of this technology. The work, co-written with an academician in economics, a crypto expert and entrepreneur from Silicon Valley, offers the most complete picture of the blockchain available on the market.


In addition to explaining the technical fundamentals of blockchains in simple terms, the book discusses their economic and social consequences. To this end, the emergence of bitcoins and major altcoins is being discussed. In addition, ideas on decentralized finance and tokenomics are explained in detail in this paper.