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The future of the first cryptocurrency in the world is extremely difficult to predict. Despite the outbreak of the coronavirus, the price of Bitcoin over the past days has almost doubled. Now the cost of digital currency is more than $ 7000. Rapid growth or a loud fall – what does Bitcoin expect in a few years? Experts from the cryptocurrency world will answer this question.

Victor Pershikov, senior analyst at 8848 Invest, argues that the cost of bitcoin will constantly increase. Despite a significant decrease in the price of the token in recent years, now it is showing historical growth. The limited volume of bitcoin production, coupled with constant halving and very low inflation, indicate that, in theory, the course on the first cryptocurrency in the world should constantly grow. More than two years ago, the value of bitcoin reached a record $ 20,000, which undoubtedly indicates the presence of cyclicity. However, in the near future, the demand for cryptocurrencies experienced a significant decline, and now the market is waiting for new motives for an upturn. The expert is convinced that in the next couple of years, the digital currency expects the next overcoming of the mark of $ 20,000.

Denis Voskitsov, head of the Exantech organization, noted that the current dynamics of bitcoin is extremely sluggish, and in the future there is an opportunity to witness a large number of falls. However, it is precisely such trends in price volatility that attract investors to the first cryptocurrency. He argues that the value of bitcoin will never rise above the $ 100,000 mark. Such leaps will entail an immediate reaction from regulators, which in turn will begin to cool the market.
According to the popular private trader Alexander Boyarintsev, panic is currently observed in the vast majority of markets. Investors try to stock up as much cash as possible and in this regard change their bitcoins. They perfectly understand that it is impossible to print and that the issue is strictly limited and amounts to 21 million. There is a development both in the industry as a whole and in the methods of using the first cryptocurrency. It is well known that bitcoin is the central link in the cryptocurrency world. According to Boyarintsev’s forecasts, its value will survive a serious rise and it is quite possible that by 2025 it will reach the level of $ 250,000.