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Independent company and cloud provider Storj Labs has announced the launch of its decentralized cloud storage. It is called the Tardigrade Decentralized Cloud Storage Service and is intended in particular for firms and private entrepreneurs who are interested in the security of corporate data and valuable documents. The main advantage of Storj Labs, which was reflected in the latest product of these developers, is customer support around the world – users can back up files and use the storage as a cloud medium, regardless of where they are located. The network operates on a cryptocurrency exchange sсript – blockchain – therefore, customer data will be reliably protected.
The service provides open source code, so any network member can familiarize themselves with its operating principle. The chain itself expands exponentially; At present, it is supported by more than 3,000 users, and it operates on hundreds and thousands of nodes managed by partner organizations and individual entrepreneurs around the world. Cryptocurrency exchanges will also be able to use the service in order to store important data or other files.
According to a spokesman for Storj Labs, decentralization is a key point in cloud storage. Thanks to independence from a specific governing body, a service receives many privileges. In particular, a decentralized cloud does not require large expenses and is stable during attacks, and also provides privacy and security, like any other independent cryptocurrency exchange online. Tardigrade Decentralized Cloud Storage Service operates on the Ethereum blockchain, and according to the developers, it does not plan to move to another chain.
Thanks to the work in the form of thousands of individual nodes, the system splits the files that the user downloads into fragments and sends them to the nodes. This ensures the security of documents, even if an attack is made on one or more nodes. Functioning on the blockchain, in addition to reduced maintenance costs, allows you to remove the limit on the volume of placed files and on their number – so customers of the service can get unlimited storage in which large archives, compressed files and other documents of different sizes can be placed.