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The world value of all digital money is gradually growing again – today they are valued at $ 166 billion. Of the hundreds of the most expensive cryptocurrencies, only two are satisfied with the situation in the “red zone”, while prices for the rest have increased by 4-22%.
On March 24, the price of bitcoin rose from $ 5,810 to $ 6,700 – more than 15%. The cost of Ethereum increased to $ 140 per token, or by 12%, XRP – to $ 0.161, (growth of about 6%), Tether – to $ 0.999963 (growth is very small – only 0.7%.)

Cryptocurrency trading turnover over the past day amounted to $ 47.053 billion for Bitcoin, $ 54.346 billion for Tether, and $ 12.654 billion for Ethereum, respectively. In the “green zone” is the vast majority of cryptocurrencies from the top 100, namely 98. The price reduction can be observed only with Molecular Future coins (4.02%) and v. Systems (-0.37%), and the sharpest rise in price is for the Nano token, up to $ 0.507, or 22%.
Last day, the total cryptocurrency market capitalization increased to $ 186 billion, by $ 21 billion. Bitcoin occupies the largest share, 65.7%, and the volume of trade relations regarding digital money grew to $ 166 billion.

A little earlier well-known American analyst Omkar Godbow predicted that in a very short time the price of bitcoin could drop to $ 5,000. According to his expert opinion, this digital currency expects a phase of long-term decline. This is evidenced by the figure of the “cross of death”, the formation of which was noted by Godbowl. He also noted that the recession will begin after some time, and not immediately.
It should also be remembered that not only the rate of almost all key cryptocurrencies is growing. Despite the recent significant decline, the price of a barrel of Brent oil rose by 9% per day. And it is possible that these processes are interconnected. According to analysts, soon recognized panic and crisis trends will decline, and we should wait for the restoration of all significant market indices and markers.