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A Russian was detained by the FBI on suspicion of illegal activities related to money laundering using cryptocurrencies. He was given pictures on Instagram.
The US federal law enforcement agency arrested Maxim Boyko, a citizen of the Russian Federation. He was charged with fraud through operations with cryptocurrencies, mainly through the already non-functioning BTC-e exchange. Based on the content of the documents, the detainee may be involved in the activities of the international cybercrime group QQAAZZ.

The main motive for starting the investigation was the publication of a Russian on Instagram. On it, Boyko showed packs of money. After arriving in the United States of America, he claimed that he had a cash sum of $ 20 thousand, which he allegedly earned from investing in Bitcoin.

Customs officers reluctantly believed in the words of the Russian and continued to carry out surveillance on social networks. Their attention was drawn to pictures in Boyko’s Instagram account with an inexplicably large amount of cash. They aroused suspicions among law enforcement agencies about whether a Russian citizen had obtained this “wealth” legally.

During the investigation, the FBI found that the accused had been engaged in illegal activities on the BTC-e trading platform since 2015. According to the content of the case, in 2017 Maxim Boyko had a sum of $ 390 thousand in digital currency. Under US law, he can lose his freedom for up to 10 years.
According to the instructions in the case, the BTC-e data indicates that the detainee received $ 387,964 and about 136 BTC were withdrawn. This fact confirms that Boyko illegally laundered money over the past few years.

A similar incident occurred in Greece in 2017. Greek authorities, at the request of the US Department of Justice, arrested Alexander Vinnik, who is also a citizen of the Russian Federation. The case file says that the detainee is accused of embezzling from the Mt.Gox trading platform a digital currency for an astronomical amount from $ 4 billion to $ 9 billion with its subsequent laundering through the BTC-e exchange.