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According to the famous American trader Peter Brandt, bitcoin can drop to $ 2600 and below. On his social network Twitter, on his account, he attached a graph of the first cryptocurrency, on which the “bear flag” figure was marked. It allows you to make a forecast about a decrease in the price of bitcoin in the near future.
According to Brandt, it is precisely the chart of the coin that is an indicator of a future decline in its price. Tour Demister and Mike Novogratz talked about how the global economic crisis on the Bitcoin exchange rate
The words of Peter Brandt are also confirmed in the forecasts of Tour Demister, partner and analyst at Adamant Capital. According to him, the drop in the price of bitcoin directly depends on the inability of firms, banks and enterprises to quickly sell assets at a price close to the market. He is convinced that their sale is carried out only because of the urgent need for dollars.
According to his forecasts, capital will return to digital money, provided that people begin to think about the value of the dollar and other fiduciary currencies, Demister suggested.
Mike Novograts, the head of Galaxy Digital, is convinced that in the near future the cryptocurrency rate will be subject to significant changes, primarily due to the unstable macroeconomic situation. He believes that this year will be “great” for bitcoin.
Today, the cost of bitcoin is $ 5,810, which indicates a decrease in its value by 8% over the last day. The daily cryptocurrency trading volume increased by one percentage point, to $ 41 billion.
Novograts also claims that due to the unstable situation on the world market, the authority of the cryptocurrency has decreased to the level of a half year ago. However, Bitmex came to the conclusion that the crisis situation due to inflation, coronavirus and economic shock will help Bitcoin to reach a new level.