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The number of people infected with coronavirus worldwide is increasing every day. Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to extend the quarantine until the end of April. Lack of study and work gives a lot of free time to earn extra money using cryptocurrencies.
You can earn income not only on digital exchanges, but also with the help of many exciting applications. The Satoshi’s Treasure game allows you to perfectly combine entertainment and earning. There are many keys hidden on the site to the so-called “Satoshi Nakamoto treasure”, which amounts to $ 1 million. However, the path to the treasure is not easy. During the game you need to solve many puzzles, the answers to which contain 1000 parts of the key to the wallet, where the digital currency is located.

An easier way to get free cryptocurrency is to participate in a distribution from BitTorrent (BTT). The bottom line is to keep Tron coins on digital exchanges (OKEx, Huobi, Binance and others). The airdrop is carried out monthly; the next one will be held on April 11th. At the last distribution, some of the holders earned 93 BTT tokens per coin.
If you are attracted by large enough amounts and the “free” cryptocurrency does not satisfy your requests – welcome to the exchange. At this site, payment for completed tasks is charged in digital money. At your disposal an extensive list of various tasks: advertising sites, writing texts, processing videos, and many others.

The resource is also a great way to make money. However, unlike the above service, here you have to perform more serious tasks. Some of them require regular work. An example of vacancies are: engineers with experience with the blockchain, group administrators on social networks, programmers and others.
And the exchange platform will become a reliable and convenient tool for exchanging and withdrawing many different cryptocurrencies. Stay home – and do not miss the great opportunity to earn.